We’ve been exploring.




The weather has been beautiful all week so we’ve been taking a rain-check on those renovations and having some fun. We’ve explored Hick’s Harbour, Horse Chops, and everything in between.

cave We went on kayaking adventures to islands and caves; swam in beautiful fresh-water waterfalls; and of course, always kept an eye out for orcas! We may have also snuck in a quick snooze on the warm rocks…

IMG_3426 IMG_3422 IMG_3416 IMG_3419We hope you’re having as much fun this summer as we are. And if you’re free for a few days, why not join us on our next adventure?

Love always,

Chez Skerwink xxx


A Truly Newfoundland Experience

Yesterday my two lovely volunteers, and our resident camper invited me capelin fishing.
All week guests have been heading down to the water at supper time to collect a small bucket of fish for their evening meal. The small sardine-like fish are the source of all the wildlife that comes to Trinity Bay, and it’s not only the local whales who dig in when they begin to roll.

10465821_10201666067487628_1559210477_oWhen we reached Devil’s Cove we feared that we had missed our window of opportunity to catch the fish. Everytime we walked into the water they swam away.







Our patience and dancing paid off when finally the fish began to roll onto the beaches, and we were able to snag a large net of about 50 fish.

10562893_10201666051807236_124133626_oWe decided to finish our outing with a stroll along the Skerwink Trail, as we’d been hearing whales while fishing, and knew they were around.

The whale watching was spectacular for the length of the trail, but they were surpassed by the magnificent view of the iceberg at the tip of Skerwink Head.

10523232_10201666027406626_1747618908_oWe sat and stared as the wind blew the fog through the bay, exposing more and more of the iceberg, and then swallowing it up again.

10530840_10201666026446602_624069324_o 10552045_10201666031766735_711025153_oFinally with rumbling tummies and tired arms, we made our way back to the hostel to feast on fresh fish, and couldn’t help but feel that an evening spent capelin-fishing, whale-watching, and iceberg-admiring, was a truly Newfoundland experience.



It’s a beautiful morning.

It’s hard to beat a morning spent watching the fog roll in around the lighthouse. It really makes you think that we’re living in a tiny corner of paradise.

10558949_10201657646197101_20437699_oThis morning the ocean is calm, the sun is out, and with a bit of luck the views will clear this afternoon for optimal whale watching. In the meantime I will bask in the dramatic beauty of the bay filled with fog.

We’ve been spoiled with some seriously glorious weather this week. As a result we’ve managed to get some work down around the place, and will be spending the afternoon (after the morning kayak obviously) working on our soon-to-be veggie patch. Keep an eye out for more photos to come!


Exciting Expansion!

Once again I apologise for the major lapse in postings. We have been busy at work here at Chez Skerwink, and I plan to now update you on some of the workings.

Firstly, great credit is owed to the volunteers who laboured over our new emerging very large veggie patch!10552338_10201631897073389_543587493_oSecondly, we are building a new office and rec room!!


We realise it doesn’t look like much yet, but just you wait, soon it will be full of joy and laughter, foosball and ping-pong.

Come check it out!

Love Chez Skerwink xx




We apologise for a minor lapse over the past few weeks in blog activity, but we’ve been a busy bunch of bees getting ready for another FAB season.

We will share full details of the hard work that’s been going on in future blogs, but for the moment, we would like to celebrate the release of THE MOST AWESOME FILM OF AWESOMENESS THAT HAS EVER BEEN CREATED IN THE UNIVERSE.



Is Tickle Cove real you ask? No. But the experience of being seduced by Newfoundland certainly is.

This feel good comedy about a Newfoundland town working to win the heart of a city boy is pretty near exactly what happened to us Skerwink crowd in our love affair with this island.  As city kids ourselves, we experienced the pull of these beautiful outports, and charming communities, and decided to pack our bags and move out.

Not only does this film reflect the charm witnessed by all travellers to the continent of Newfoundland, but the best thing is that the scenic location for this film is the Bonavista peninsula. You got it folks, our back yard.


So come on down and be seduced by this breathtaking part of the world.

And if you have a chance, I would strongly recommend this lovely film, apart from being cinematically beautiful, it’ll have you in stitches.

Love always,
Chez Skerwink xx