The Ice-burgers are comings!

Every April-May, as the frozen ocean begins to thaw, big chunks of ice break off from Greenland and float southward, dotting our coastline with giant white rocks.


Here at Chez Skerwink we have had the pleasure of adventuring into iceberg-filled waters to collect chunks of ice made from the purest water in the world. Naturally we use this ice to make delicious cocktails. Like iceberg mojitos, iceberg margaritas, iceberg daiquiris … But I digress.

Due to the ice-sheets the bergs often remain inaccessible until June, when you are able to jump on a boat or a kayak, and go see them!

Here are some Skerwinkles from years gone-by up close and personal with a bit of thousand-year-old glacier:

Icebergs!Contrary to rumours spread by wild daredevils, it is very dangerous to get too close to an iceberg. Due to their strange shape, and rapid melting, the weight can shift at any second and cause the icebergs to roll, taking you, and anything else too close, under with it.

We all know what happened to Kate and Leo when they got too close.

From a safe distance however, these giant frozen rocks are spectacularly beautiful. Their unpredictability, and the fleeting nature of their stay, adds to their majesty and mystery, making a visit from an iceberg a cherished and memorable event.

For your chance to experience this wonderful spectacle, be sure to keep an eye on

We look forward to seeing you, and the icebergs, in June!

Love Chez Skerwink xx



It is officially T-minus two months today until the glorious Skerwink Hostel reopens its doors for a marvelous 4th season.

I don’t know about you guys, but here at Chez Skerwink we are pretty darn excited, I can tell you.

972011_10201195175591556_1278318263_n Thank you so much to everyone who has applied to work and volunteer with us this summer! We have been thrilled with all the enthusiasm and look forward to seeing many of your beautiful smiling faces real soon!

Unfortunately we are no longer accepting volunteers for the upcoming season, however we would still love to have you come stay with us so be sure to book online!!

See y’all soon!!!

Love Chez Skerwink xoxo

Local Moments

Just wanted to share a couple of lovely moments we’ve been lucky enough to have recently:

- Whale watching with the wonderful Sea Of Whales. They’re a great company that really strive to both respect and understand these amazing animals. Their main focus is whales, but puffins, dolphins, shearwaters, seals and many, many more species are also seen on this great tour.

- Chilling at the waterfall in Lockston Provincial Park. The park is just 5 minutes down the road and is such an awesome spot for some off-road exploring and a lazy afternoon by the waterfall!

- Eating out at the Bonavista Social Club. Located in the absolutely stunning Upper Amherst Cove with gorgeous views and an amazingly delicious menu. I’m going crazy with my adjectives ’cause my mouth is actually watering just thinking of the pizzas (from their wood fired oven), homemade salads, soups and desserts all sourced from their garden. And for those more adventurous who really want to try something properly Newfanese… Moose Burgers!

kayak collage

We’ve been as busy as….




We’re rather proud to announce the addition of a hive to the HI Trinity Skerwink Hostel list of bizarre, yet awesome things! We only have a few babies at the moment so probably no honey this year, but you just wait till next year! (Imagine how good the morning bread will be with home-hived honey!)

With the help of the lovely Don and Bee Keeper Annette from Ontario we’re off to a rip roaring start. Sure, one of the queens flew away, but thanks to Dan the Bee Man down in sunny St John’s we’ve been able to bring in a new lady bee to the hive and everyone seems to be getting along… royally!

We’ll be sure to keep you all updated on this sweet new venture!

Have a fabulous August!

Love the Skerwinkles xx