Trinity Bay Guided Tours

Welcome to Trinity Bay Guided Tours!

We are excited to announce the launch of a fantastic guided tour program in Trinity Bay.

Explore hidden coves, beaches, and cliffs, discover the hidden secrets of Newfoundland’s landscape, history, heritage and culture, see spectacular wildlife, including whales, puffins, bald-eagles and more; and enjoy a delicious homemade lunch and fresh seasonal wild berries.

Trinity Bay tours will debut on June 1st, and will be taking groups of no more than 6 people to beautiful locations around the Bonavista Peninsula. Join us for one of our regular tours, or call to book a private adventure!

Ideal for Private small-groups, Family holidays, and Individual travelers

For a full list of our upcoming tours please see below. For more details or to book a private hike contact us at the Skerwink Hostel at or call us on +1.709.436.3033

For more details, visit us at Trinity Bay Tours.

Skerwink T-shirts!!

We are very exciting to announce the arrival of the first ever batch of Skerwink T-shirts!!
11157983_10155507448620370_1397095284_nNot only are they beautiful, but they are also only $20!! Can you believe it? Me neither. But it’s true!! T-shirts will now be available for purchase at the hostel, and online by contacting
11160350_10155507448290370_84494442_nIf that wasn’t excitement enough for one day, I am proud to announce that this time next month we will be open!! Summer 2015 can’t get here soon enough.

See you all very soon 🙂

Love Chez Skerwink xox

Local Moments

Just wanted to share a couple of lovely moments we’ve been lucky enough to have recently:

– Whale watching with the wonderful Sea Of Whales. They’re a great company that really strive to both respect and understand these amazing animals. Their main focus is whales, but puffins, dolphins, shearwaters, seals and many, many more species are also seen on this great tour.

– Chilling at the waterfall in Lockston Provincial Park. The park is just 5 minutes down the road and is such an awesome spot for some off-road exploring and a lazy afternoon by the waterfall!

– Eating out at the Bonavista Social Club. Located in the absolutely stunning Upper Amherst Cove with gorgeous views and an amazingly delicious menu. I’m going crazy with my adjectives ’cause my mouth is actually watering just thinking of the pizzas (from their wood fired oven), homemade salads, soups and desserts all sourced from their garden. And for those more adventurous who really want to try something properly Newfanese… Moose Burgers!

kayak collage

We’ve been as busy as….




We’re rather proud to announce the addition of a hive to the HI Trinity Skerwink Hostel list of bizarre, yet awesome things! We only have a few babies at the moment so probably no honey this year, but you just wait till next year! (Imagine how good the morning bread will be with home-hived honey!)

With the help of the lovely Don and Bee Keeper Annette from Ontario we’re off to a rip roaring start. Sure, one of the queens flew away, but thanks to Dan the Bee Man down in sunny St John’s we’ve been able to bring in a new lady bee to the hive and everyone seems to be getting along… royally!

We’ll be sure to keep you all updated on this sweet new venture!

Have a fabulous August!

Love the Skerwinkles xx

Come as a stranger, leave as a friend

Here at the Skerwink Hostel we like to get to know our guests. This magical place has a strange effect on people that makes them feel immediately at home.

In our efforts to make people feel welcome, we have often had the pleasure of accompanying people in their explorations of the area.

A few weeks ago Syd and I had a guest that arrived a stranger, but definitely left as a friend. Having only planned to stay for an evening or two, he was greatly surprised when within a few hours he was making plans not only to stay for several more days, but potentially move in forever!

Although grown up responsibilities limited his ability to play here in fairy land forever, he was able to stay for a lovely long weekend during which time we all explored some great hikes, went iceberg and whale watching, were chased by bald-eagles, had a dip in the Atlantic, and best of all drank a bottle of screech!

Luckily for me, (and you) this particular guest happened to be a mean photographer and has generously offered his photos for the blog.

So please enjoy these beautiful photos of this magical land. I hope that these photos inspire you to visit us and become the newest member of the continuously growing Skerwink family!

Finally Syd and I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has been around this summer to make it so great thus far! We hope to see you all again soon so we can continue our explorations!

If you stayed with us and you have photos of your visit please email them to me! I would love to see and share them with future Skerwinkers!

The Early Words

So much has happened since our last post, and our apologies for our long silence but we’ve been in Ontario for convocation. The trip was lovely but we are so glad to be back in Newfoundland, and more than ready to sink our teeth into gardening, deck-building, and all the wonderful updates we are adding to the hostel.

But first things first.

We need to do something for ourselves and enjoy the beauty that is Trinity East, Newfoundland, because Ontario is wonderful, but there’s no place like this for sightseeing and rugged, natural beauty. So, to fill our desire for true Trinity beauty, we opted for a 5:00am hike around the Skerwink trail, just in time for the sunrise on a clear, cool morning.

I decided when I got to Newfoundland that this would be the summer of “just doing things.” Just go for that run, just get up earlier, just don’t eat those oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that have been calling me from under their Saran Wrap cover all day. A 5:00am hike sounded like equal parts terror and wonder, just the thing to give my self-discipline muscle a good workout. And boy, was it worth it. The hard things usually are.

We strongly recommend the Skerwink early morning hike. The pink and orange light fills the sky and the forest in the most warm and wonderful way — a better wake-up than coffee — and the dewy grass of the lookout is just the place to lie and catch your breath as the sun breaches and the waves roll onto the beach below you.

What is on your “just do” list this summer? Any summer renovations that need doing? Perhaps a summer getaway? Make this your summer of doing, and you won’t be sorry!

For more inspiration from people who are doing big things these summer, visit the blogs of two incredible groups of friends cycling East this summer for Children’s Wish Foundation and Easter Seals.


Sunny Day Hikes

After a lovely breakfast of homemade scones and bread, we said goodbye to our wonderful guests who were leaving for St. John’s and headed out on the Skerwink Trail. The sun was bright and hot, so we welcomed the cool sea breeze as we ascended each slope to another incredible look-out point. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place! Check out our Facebook page for more great photos from today @